Plant View

Incorporated in the year 2008, in Amalpuram, we "Royalfreshwater" are an ISI certified (IS: 14543) mineral water plant.For more than one decade, Royalfresh Water has been providing the purest and cleanest water to Amalapuram customers. You will find our water and bottled water products and systems not only in households, but also in schools, hospitals, factories and restaurants. Today more than 10,000 Royalfresh Water customers receive fast, friendly and reliable service from our team of field technicians.

Filtering Process

By leveraging our extensive industry experience, we offer our valued customers a wide range of mineral water supply. Assembled using quality raw materials, the proposed range is designed using modern technology and is able to remove all impurities from the water. They are widely appreciated for their flawless filtration of contaminated water and make it totally free of bacteria

Filling Process

Bottles are inspected manually to ensure they are in good condition and no contaminants are present. Once inspected, the bottles are loaded into the washing and filling line. The first step in the line is a warm water inside and an outside prewash and disinfect. Then the bottles are rigorously washed inside and out with a food grade detergent.Purified water with ozone is then used to rinse the bottles before filling. The bottles are filled under pressure with the required amount of water. Immediately after filling, a tamper-proof cap is pressed onto the bottle.

Lab Process

In Royalfresh Water, we use RO technology in the lab process, reverse osmosis (RO) technology can help improve water quality and laboratory productivity. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a powerful method of production Purified water for a wide range of laboratory functions. specification and improper maintenance procedures may greatly reduce the quality of the output of the opposite osmosis water purification systems (RO). However, a well RO water purification system specified and well managed a reliable and experienced supplier can deliver to the laboratory an efficient, economical and reliable supply to a exceptionally high level of purity..

Packing Process

Packaged drinking water refers to water from any source of drinking water can be subjected to treatments such as settling, filtration, combination of filtration, aeration, filtering with membrane filter, depth filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon filtration, demineralization, remineralization, reverse osmosis or other method to meet the prescribed and packaged standard.

Delivery Process

Our customers tell us how much they appreciate this convenience! We take care of all the heavy loads so you never have to worry about having the right amount of water on hand to meet your needs! Royalfresh Water offers bottled water delivery to residential,commercial customers and functions and our route specialists will provide you with a fast and professional service with a regular delivery schedule available.